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Discourse, screenshot, image, attribution, workflow, best program?

What is the best workflow to attribute properly?

What text (links) to use for atrribution underneat or on a image?

Which is the best screenshot program to place a watermark attribution on the screenshot image?

In less steps as possible, the best workflow.

Now we are going to use Discourse.
We can drag and drop a image.
From a folder or use a screenshot program, directly.
With the old forum, we needed to locate the image on a server.
This is a workflow, too difficult for some. Mostly hosted on external sites, often after some years loss of images.
Also then you must look at the license, how to attribute, often this was not done.
The lack of skills to do so, make a watermark on the image.
Or write a text under the image. Extra work, searching for the proper attribution text.

For expressing a situation, a screenshot of a map is desireable. General, all images.
Now with drag and drop it is more easier to use a image.

As a example:

“© OpenStreetMap contributors, data ODbL

Created with a screenshot program (flameshot), copy/paste ( Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V ) it is easy. Like this example.

But now the attribution:
Written in text underneath, with a link to the copyright page.
With copyright, ©, shortcut windows Alt + 0169.

But also you want to save the image in a folder, for later use.
This is a screenshot image made with a screenshot program, saved in a folder from the copyright page.
Drag and drop in this topicpost.
Attribution image
osm attribution
Then there is no link to the copyright page. Is this a problem? Or should we use “*.org/copyright” Created with paint, embedded the attribution image, too many steps, that is why placing a attribution is not so populair.

To give the correct attribution for direct use or to save it for later use in a folder.
The shortest workflow. Do it within the screenshot program. But which?
When you save a screenshot in a folder the attrribution is on it for later use.
But I noticed with several srceenshot programs, it is not possible. I did not find a good one.
Often you can place a text on the screenshot image, but you must type all with ©, you can not copy/paste a sentence from somewhere else, when the screenshot program is opened/active.

Openstreetmap is often used as a background layer, several overlay transparant layers are used, with different license, such as CC-BY-4.0, which require attribution. Multiple attribution images on the screenshot or text underneath.

Premade images:
Pre made attribution image in different color for use over different background are desired.
For Openstreetmap we could make preset attribution images.

The local community can make these for specific layers (country).
Even preset text attributtion for copy/paste.

For layers that we can use for Openstreetmap tagging, for example a aerial layer or data layers, when making a screenshot this also require attribution, if needed, could be CC-BY-4.0 attribution, the company describe what text should be used.

The good/proper use of a license depends on the ability/possibility to add it easily.
Now with the new forum the use will increase, a good program/method is needed to let everyone do it properly.

I also see governments and companies struggling to get it right in documents, websites, on social media and in forums. It is therefore more of a general problem.

How to do justice to the use of the licenses.

Which screenshot program could be used?

What advice can we give Openstreetmap contributers?

Program, open source or paid, on what platform.
Snagit (paid) could do it. I did not test it.
Greenshot, could.
Flameshot, did not work for me.

Microsoft Snapping tool, only make screenshot.
shortcut: [Win]+[shift]+[s]

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