Discourse Translator - Pricing and Language Coverage

Forking off from We Need The Discourse Translation Plugin , I researched a bit into the different translation services that could be used with the discourse translation plugin.

Language coverage

Actually, I was surprised that coverages of all services are pretty good. Part of this may be due to the Americas and large parts of Africa having English, French, Spanish or Portuguese as sole official or at least co-official languages.


The most obvious missing language is Arabic, all of North-Africa and most of the Middle-East would be green otherwise.


LibreTranslate surprises with support for Arabic, Hindi and Indonesian. Has the least support for languages in East Europe.


Only very few black spots. Has support for a lot of Russian minority languages, as well as some Indian languages.


Basically no black spots except Somali and Sinhalese (Sri Lanka). Also has support for even more minority languages.


No black spots, a lot of support for minority languages (though none in Russia).

Note on language coverage

For our purpose - that people can communicate with each other, I think we don’t need support for minority languages / dialects and probably not even all official languages. Yandex, Bing and Google support for example Welsh, Irish and Galician. I believe everyone in Ireland, the UK or Spain can speak English or Castillan Spanish, respectively.


Translation Service Price per month
LibreTranslate free if self-hosted, conditions differ if hosted ($9 flat-rate, but it is rate-limited)
Yandex $6 per 1M chars
Bing €9 per 1M chars (first 2M free)
Google $20 per 1M chars (first 0.5M free)
DeepL €20 per 1M chars (first 0.5M free)

For comparison, this post has a length of about 3000 chars, so would cost about 6 cent with Google or DeepL to translate into a single language.


On quality of translation, while maybe the most important part of a seemingless communication, I cannot say much.
From my experience just with German → English, Google is “ok”, DeepL is almost perfect.
But maybe there are some reviews and comparisons to be found around the internet, I haven’t looked

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