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Don’t you think that automatically closing notes based on heuristics is a bad thing?

For example:

  • #JustOneCharacter It would seem that it could be useful. But let’s see:

Surprise, one-character notes can be house numbers.

  • #ReopenedWithoutComment
    “Description: This process addresses instances where a contributor reopens a closed note without leaving a comment explaining the reason for reopening… If there is no response, the commented note is closed after approximately 20 days.”

Isn’t it obvious that newbies often accidentally open and close notes?

  • #OldNote
    Description: This process comments on old notes that were created more than 10 years ago. … If there is no response after approximately 20 days, the note is automatically closed.

This is absolutely terrible. So we will soon begin to close notes from MAPS.ME indicating that POIs are closed.

And yes, even old notes can be relevant in places where there are few mappers.

I realize we all want to resolve all the notes as soon as possible. But not like this, please.

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