Disordered help and support topics. Can we disable formsome of the reply buttons?

Can we disable the “bottom” reply buttons in help and support?

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

There has been some discussions elsewhere in this forum about the responses in the Help and Support category ending up out of order as people tend to press the reply button to add what is really a comment to a previous answer as a separate answer and it isn’t possible for moderators to separate to comments and vice versa as it is for the old help site. This can result in very confusing threads as they aren’t correctly threaded and once the answers get voted on they end up out of order (e.g.).

People responding to than existing answer should be using the comment facility under the answer they want to comment on, but this the link to do this is overshadowed by a much bigger reply button at the bottom of the thread. Can we hide this button so that fewer people will make this mistake?.

Where on the platform does it happen?

The help and Support Topics that have post voting enabled.

How do we replicate the issue?

Create several answers to a question in help and support and then vote on them until they are out of order.

Expected behaviour (i.e. solution)

The person wanting to respond to an existing answer should only see the Add comment option and not a big “reply” option below it.

Other Comments

The reply button at the top near the original question has been renamed to “answer” but using this wording at the bottom might not make it any clearer that the box that it is just to be used to answer the original question.

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