Do we have building for existing ruins of a building?

building=ruins building=ruin building=ruined have problem of not actually following building= classification - basically all of them were NOT build as ruins (with very rare exceptions)

Still it sorts of fits for structures which are existing building but ruined, such as

but maybe building=* + ruins=yes can be recommended as a clearly preferable solution in all cases for this?

And then we have buildings where something is not a building anymore, but remains are visible.

building=collapsed was used (by HOT mappers) but is very, very problematic: that is NOT a building anymore! Tagging it as building is not a good idea (and mismatches how building=* tag is used in general)

demolished:building= razed:building= destroyed:building= were also used - but it is also used for cases where remains of building are gone and nothing remains

maybe ruins:building=* ruined:building= would be fitting for cases where ruins do not qualify as building anymore?

there is also historic=ruins ruins=building though it is controversial as some people claim that it is only for historically important buildings, not for anything old

And we have sham ruins: buildings intentionally constructed as ruins, for decoration. building=sham_ruins ? To distinguish from building=ruins ?

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