Do we need more subdivisions?

Some named beaches have a small part dedicated to naturism, how do we map it? Nowadays they are mapped as a separate natural=beach (sometimes nested inside the bigger one), but this goes against One feature, one OSM element - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Another example I can think of is parkings. Bigger parkings often have sections with a ref (A1, A2, B1, B2 ecc.). How can we map them? Right now we can map the whole parking or single parking spaces. Do we add the same ref to every single parking space of that section?

Sometimes I saw people mapping big monuments/statues with two elements, one for the base and one for the statue with different height and min_heights. Again, this goes against “one feature one element”, but at the time we don’t have other ways to map this level of detail. One example is the Gundam statue, which is mapped as a building instead of as a statue so that building:parts can be used.

We do have subdivisions for some elements, building:part for building, cemetery=sector for cemeteries, but we miss subdivision for other elements. Thoughts?

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