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en, hr

Knin buildings

Short description *
en, hr

Help us map all the buildings from aerial imagery in the Knin area.

Description *
en, hr

City of Knin gave us their 20cm resolution aerial imagery from 2007. and we can also use DGU aerial imagery.

Entities to map *
gređevine, ceste, vode, površine, ...

Detailed Instructions *
en, hr


Compare 20cm default aerial imagery layer(also available as "osm-hr: Knin 2007") with newer 50cm DGU aerial imagery from 2011, 2014-2016 and 2017 to see if the building has changed, and if no changes use default 20cm imagery for better precision.

Map every building, even small ones that could be sheds.

First, get the offset from the offset database. If the plugin is not installed, install the [Imagery Offset Database plugin]( Either from the menu, Imagery>Get Imagery Offset... or shortcut Crtl-Alt-I.

Try to identify and classify buildings as much as you can based on [building feature list](, but if you can't identify the usage, use basic tagging building=yes.

If building already exists but is badly shaped or located try to fix it.

If building intersects the road fix that road segment, but if it doesn't leave it, that is planned for another project.

Also, if possible try to map [building roof types]( 

Note that default aerial layer "osm-hr: Knin 2007" has different offsets; so make sure to use " Croatia 2019 South+East Aerial imagery" as authoritative for positions.

URL to imagery service *

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