Does crossing:island=yes imply traffic_calming=island?

So, not all traffic islands are pedestrian refuges, i.e. part of a crossing:

But, as far as I can imagine, the other way around, all pedestrian refuges are traffic islands, right? Or can anyone think of a case where this is indeed not the case?

Otherwise I would add a hint in the wiki for data consumers that they should also look at crossing:island=yes (and the deprecated crossing=island since its usage is still in the thousands).

And finally, if any pedestrian refuge is anyway also a traffic_calming=island, would you add that tag on that crossing?

Currently, it looks like about only 3% of pedestrians crossings with an island also have traffic_calming=island tagged.
However, the combination of a kerb extension and pedestrian crossing is found often found in the real world1, yet, still just about 6% of all traffic_calming=choker are also tagged as a pedestrian crossing, so this might as well just be a case of that it hasn’t been mapped yet.

1 at least where I live this is done almost at any intersection that leads into a residential street when a road is being renovated

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