Does Public Domain violate OSMF's FOSS Policy?

I would like to better understand OSMF’s stance on the use of Public Domain materials in the software hosted by OSMF. A few months ago, I learned (informally; partial reference) that OSMF mimics the Open Source definition provided by the Open Source Initiative. However, [1] and [2] state that OSI does not approve Public Domain software as Open Source (though they don’t reject it either).

  1. Does this mean that any OSMF-hosted software must not contain any Public Domain material, which would otherwise violate OSMF’s explicit FOSS policy?

  2. Is there any public resource explaining why OSMF uses OSI’s definition of Open Source and not FSF’s?

  3. And my last question (I have just noticed it): Why is OSMF naming their policy FOSS if they apply OSS? FOSS stands for Free Open Source Software, an inclusive umbrella term for free software and open-source software. Shouldn’t the policy be renamed to avoid confusion?

Thank you.

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