Download Polygon-Data from city districts and towns

I am not using Openstreetmap so long yet. So far, I have used the site “osm-boundaries” to get polygons from villages and city district in Germany as an Geojson-file. This works very well, but unfortunately, the borders are not listed from every city district there.

Is there any other way to download the borders of city districts from Openstreetmap?

What I would like to get in the end is a Geojson or shape file for every state in Germany - I would like to split it by state, so the file that I read into R won´t get to big. And in each file, I would like to have the borders of each city district. When you look at the page “osm-boundaries”, you see exatly what I mean - just that there is too much data missing.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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