Edit / Changer OSM Map

Hi there,

A month ago I created a Map which you can see on https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/de-oude-dorpskern-noordwijk_321214.
I have to change some things, but I am unable to edit the map anymore. It is not in My Maps and when I open the link to the map there is no pencil icon to click on and change the content of my osm-map.
Can anyone please help me how to get control over what I created in your beautiful environment?



Il y a un mois j’ai créé une carte que vous pouvez voir sur https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/de-oude-dorpskern-noordwijk_321214.
Maintenant je dois changer certaines choses, mais je ne parviens pas à modifier la carte plus.
Il n’est pas dans Mes Cartes sur votre website et quand j’ai ouvert la carte il y a aucune icône de crayon que je peut cliquez pour modifier l’information de ma osm-carte.

Il y a quelqu’un qui me peut d’aider s’il vous plaît de comment obtenir le contrôle sur ce que j’ai créé dans votre environnement de toute beauté ?


La Hollande


Tu es bien sûr de ne pas avoir créé cette carte avec un autre compte ?
Il est facile si tu as déjà un compte OSM et un autre Github par exemple, d’accéder directement sans beaucoup de formalités…

Are you sure not having created this map using another account ?
If you have yet OSM account and Github one for example, it can be very transparent to connect with one or another…


Merci Alain,

I don´t know, I don´t think so, but it is always possible. When I wanted to change the map last time, the UMAP French website umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl was indeed different from when I left it before. So I hoped something went wrong when the website was updated.
But I cannot figure out if there could be another environment, because I always keep the website open in my browser.

I am an aged novice in this field and hoped that in the code someone could see where the maps are based. Or that someone could check in My Maps account if something went wrong.

My french is not so good that I can translate this text… :wink:

Having a more attentive look by clicking on the “Over” link, we can see that no account is attached to that map. It means that it was created in anonymous ways and you needed to keep the secret edit link (of the form ‘http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/anonymous-edit/…’) for modification rights. It’s usually done recording it in favorites. You find it by clicking on the Permissions’ button (the one with the key icon) when in edit mode.

Searching on the title of your map I found another map (first version ?) but with no account too.
Since you blocked the use of the sharing button on the main map (the one you sent the link), you can’t create a new map from this one. The second one (but only 2 points and a way…) is not blocked so you can download complete data and then - after login - create new one importing this data.

You can try to go back in the historic of your browser (if not cleaned) until you get the edit button… Be sure to use the same PC/same browser so that you have the right cache.

For my part it is my english which may be approximative :slight_smile: