Editing OSM is too tedious for me

Whenever I edit OSM (which is actually something to like if it wasn’t that tedious), I always have to search every other tag (e. g. building:material, fence_type all values) in the wiki due to lackluster presets, which is really cumbersome. Compared to iD, JOSM is superior in editing the geometry of objects; however, both editors suffer from many tags documented in the wiki not being available in presets. (JOSM is actually slightly worse regarding tagging and presets!)

Can you give me some tips to make tagging in JOSM less tedious? For example, something that automagically creates presets from OSM Wiki pages?

Also, the issue is partly caused by my perfectionism – the compulsion to perfectly follow the tagging schemes described in the wiki.

Another JOSM-specific issue: I cannot copy-paste values (from the wiki or contact data) into JOSM using ⌘V (Command-V) although the key combination works for pasting data objects. (It is really overcomplicated to change the default keybindings in JOSM, too!)

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