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Hello Israeli Community!

In TomTom’s endeavor to give back to OSM, we plan to conduct edits based on user input. This activity is the result of checking if incidental map feedback received on the TomTom map is also valid for OSM.

Note that, starting with a small number of tasks, we will only perform edits if they add value to the OSM map, do not conflict with any recent edits made by the community, and are supported by a local source. In the absence of source material that supports the update, we will reach out to the local community for guidance.

We will start with editing POIs, land use, addresses, highways and some water features during this activity. Over time, we will evaluate additional feedback types and expand to other features. You can refer to the Israel GitHub page for further details on the types of planned edits (section ‘Edits based on map feedback’):


Along with the #tomtom hashtag that accompanies every TomTom edit in OSM, changesets based on map feedback will also receive the hashtag #tt_mapfeedback. This allows you to follow the updates we’re making during this activity.

In Israel, we plan to start limited editing based on map feedback in two weeks, and then continue with incidental edits spread over time.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. As we progress, we will of course take into account any feedback we receive from you about this activity.

See you soon and have a great day!


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