Edits to reference name to more clearly and consistently describe the TEXpress, Express, and HOV lane system


As a part of regional transportation agency, we’re currently engaged in a project that involves updating certain attributes of road network data (managed lanes) within OpenStreetMap (OSM). Our goal is to ensure the most accurate and useful representation of our roadways, which benefits both the community and enhances the quality of the datasets we rely on.

We’re setting out to enhance the details of roadways without changing their geometry. Our focus is on areas where the reference names currently lack uniformity. We aim to standardize reference names and update tags for HOV lanes and tollways for better consistency. Our method involves making bulk edits through the OSM API to ensure these attributes are clear and uniform across the board.

Before we begin, we’re keen to ensure that our approach is fully aligned with the community’s guidelines. We’ve done some research on the best practices for bulk updates but haven’t found clear instructions. If there are specific guidelines or considerations for this type of update, we’d be grateful if you could point us in the right direction.

Thank you.

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