"emotional" feedback buttons add no value

There’s been lots of chat about this already, but sometimes it helps to give a concrete example.

Here I mentioned a potential problem in Italy in the Italian category. I was reporting a potential problem there (potentially bad news). The reactions were one “thumbs up” and one “angry”.

It’s reasonable to assume that the “thumbs up” is a reaction to my post, not the underlying problem, but what about the “angry”? Was that with me or with the problem that I reported?

Most of the others are similarly problematic. We have:

  • +1
  • “heart”
  • “laughing”
  • “open mouth”
  • “cry”
  • “angry”
  • “hugs”
  • “frowning_face”
  • “star_struck”

Of those, “+1” makes sense and “frowning_face” is probably the nearest that we have to a “-1” (even though it has no meaning in the site metrics). “laughing” is sometimes useful for “I get the joke”. Some people use “heart” instead of “+1”; the rest, no so much.

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