Enable easy deletion of the entire account by the user himself

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

  • Admins: Consideration and Installation / Implementation
  • Users: Using the feature

Where on the platform does it happen?

on the profile page

How do we replicate the issue?

Try do delete your account by yourself.

Expected behavior (i.e. solution)

I expect a single button that will immediately delete my account without any detours.

Example from Instagram:

Example from Facebook:

These are just two of many examples. Every online platform has this option to easily delete your account yourself. Why not us here?

Other Comments

At least from a GDPR perspective, a complete deletion of all personal and owned data must be easily possible. Probably a PM to the admin is enough from a legal perspective, but why so complicated? Why can’t users simply delete their account at the push of a button like they can on any other online platform?
Are there any particular reasons for making it as difficult as possible for the user as it is currently handled?
Do we want to prevent account deletion by any possible means? If yes, why?

There is a similiar plugin for make it easier, but not to do it by yourself:

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