Enforcing global vs local guidelines

Great, thanks for initiating this.

I didn’t realize each community on there could have its own Code of Conduct and moderators. That’s definitely helpful as OSM US has its own standards for that, which are not necessarily the same as the ones in this forum.

There’s a lot of discussion going on at the global level about what shape this forum and the interactions on it will take. Just a recent example I was reading about is disabling badges. But there are bound to be other, more consequential discussions about how this forum is run, and that will impact this suggested sub-forum as well.

In particular it would be important to figure out if “global” moderators could / would override a decision made by the moderators here, or the other way around, if a global moderator could ban someone without consulting our moderators here, for behavior displayed in this community?

I think it’s very important that we as a US community are able to host our community discussion on our terms. Our ideas on accepted conduct and moderation have not always been in line with OSMF-level ones.

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