Ensuite toilet blocks in caravan parks

Touring while on holidays at the moment, & have been staying in a few caravan parks (tourism=camp_site!)

While (almost!) all parks have at least one amenities block, with toilets & showers, in some parks, some individual sites have their own dedicated ensuite toilet blocks, which are reserved for the occupants of that particular site e.g. https://dhp.azureedge.net/file/resize/c470x300~80/36386_discovery-parks-devonport-powered-ensuite-site-1.jpg

How should we map them?

Building either with a toilet node or just tagged as toilets is obvious, but what about access?

It’s not public, & really not customers either, as it’s only the people on that particular site who can use them. Private? Permit?

Don’t bother? :roll_eyes: :grinning:

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