Estonian pharmacies

FYI - every pharmacy in Estonia needs to have a licence to be operational. All valid licences can be checked form Ravimiamet (Agency of Medicines):

Here are pharmacies in OSM:

I did a quick comparison in QGIS and already deleted 6 pharmacies from OSM that where no longer operational. I also moved 2 pharmacies to new location.

Next step would be to add missing pharmacies to OSM. I personally don’t want to do this myself but if there is interest I can quite easily map OSM data with the data from Ravimiamet and find the missing pharmacies. Then a maproulette challenge can be used to finish this task.

Unfortunately there are no useful IDs for Estonian pharmacies. Both the licence number and branch reference number (Tegevusloa number/Tegutsemiskoha kood) can change over time and these numbers can be reused on different pharmacies.

Finally it’s important to point out that while pharmacies have a official registered name, there can be additional branches (haruapteegid) where offical name refers to main site and in such cases it might be better to use a naming schema that is more relevant to the actual location of a pharmacy.

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