[EuroVelo&OSM] Superroute or not superroute?

Follow up on [EuroVelo&OSM Working Group] EV17:

I have finally found how to fork a thread. I’ll use this brand new skill to elaborate on Minh’s point about superroute.

I’ve worked on dozens of very long relations, consolidating the sub-relation - super-relation structure when I could. All this time, I have never understood why some parent relations had to be different from others and have the superroute tag value. That is… until I found that the JOSM relation editor does not check continuity across member relations unless the parent relation is type=superroute. Since then, I have switched to superroute like everybody else :confused:

Can we hope to use our work on Eurovelo to convince the JOSM developers to support sub-relation sorting for all type=route relations?

With type=superroute:

WIth type=route:

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