[EuroVelo&OSM Working Group] Ongoing Knooppuntnet work

As announced in this thread, we’re creating sub-discussions to better focus on the main issues at hand, and avoid discussions to become too mixed up.

@StC started to add EuroVelo routes to the KPN monitor. This looks like a very promising way to identify inconsistencies and other issues, and to compare EuroVelo routes on OSM with their official tracks from www.EuroVelo.com (gathered from National EuroVelo Coordination Centres).

So I hope this thread can help to:

  • Render all European countries on KPN (or was this solved by the background choosing?)
  • Finish the work of dividing all EuroVelo routes on KPN monitor into daily sections and uploading the reference GPX (then it’s my job to solve the official GPX tracks issues together with our national partners)
  • Finding people to do from more countries to share this work with

Action points: Have all EuroVelo routes listed here with gpx references, or maybe per country like here, and act on the discrepancies.

The discussions on KPN were already well ongoing in the general thread, so I would suggest to continue here with anyone interested.

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