External IDs, ref's and other codes used in Estonia

Since External IDs can be very useful I wanted to see how these are used in Estonian OSM.

Wiki has documentation for maaamet:ETAK, maaamet:orig_tunnus, EHAK:code, KKR:code and EE:EHIS:id but what about others? I wanted to find out so I and analyzed EE tags.

In addition to multipurpose tag ref and some global ones like clc:id, uic_ref and gtfs_id I did find some interesting tag keys:

  1. tln_ID - bus stops, looks like it’s from historic import. Is it still relevant? The source still exists in some form but the use of this tag is declining.

  2. number - used for seamarks and this is linked to Märgi number - source.

  3. muuseum_id - source has new webpage and this 13 year old id don’t seem to be relevant. Should it be removed?

  4. sadamaregister:ref - along with: sadamaregister:url, sadamaregister:code and ref:LOCODE This is recent addition by @jemm who has been mapping marinas. Great work, but I’m not sure if all 4 tags are really necessary since some information is shared between them. Not an issue, but just something I noticed.

  5. bridge:ref - global tag. Linked to Silla number in Teeregister.

  6. CityIdx - old relic, quite confident this can be deleted.

This list is not comprehensive. There are other rarely used tags like veeohutuse_stend:ref.

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