Faroe islands address metadata cleanup - proposed mass edit

Faroe islands address import added some tags present in original database that are not really needed in OSM.

I propose to remove them. Specifically, I propose to remove

  • us.fo:Galdandi_frá=*
  • us.fo:kommununr=*
  • us.fo:Postnr=*
  • us.fo:Veganr=*
  • us.fo:Eindir=*
  • us.fo:Býlingsnr=*
  • us.fo:Eindir=*
  • us.fo:Býlingsnr=*

Changeset: 1888617 | OpenStreetMap - original import author is fine with such edit

(if anyone is curious how I run into these tags: it happened as part of work on OpenStreetMap editor when verifying state of some unhandled tags. These tags are now handled but saving time for other people being confused by them seems a good idea to me, even if takes some extra effort right now)

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