Feature Proposal - RFC - "scooter" type (electric) vehicles

I’d like to come back to a proposal I wrote already a while ago and which already had quite some discussion back then.
In 2020 we accepted new keys for electric bicycles: electric_bicycle and speed_pedelec. small_electric_vehicle got to be used in the meantime as well. At that point we didn’t touch a problem with the existing tag scooter: The word is very ambiguous and used for very different kinds of vehicles. Discussion showed that mappers interpret the tag in different ways and some are not aware that there is some ambiguity at all. The tag is promoted by a editor preset for charging stations, but not used in other context.

So, I’d like to bring this proposal back to your attention: Proposed features/ElectricScooters - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Please feel free to comment either here or on the Wiki page. (I’d like to collect all issues raised here on the Wiki page)

To summarize:
This proposal defines the tags:

This proposal deprecates the tags:

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