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Hello all

I plan to make some changes to the wiki page for parking lots and add some clarifying examples, in addition to tightening up the text. Do you have any suggestions for representative examples?

Unnecessarily complex - Way: 615447149 | OpenStreetMap (parking area is subdivided into 4 separate parking areas when it is a contiguous single parking area) - I plan to use a screenshot of this

Parking area including name and ref for different zones - Relation: ‪Orange Zone‬ (‪14351608‬) | OpenStreetMap (area around sports stadium)

Parking area mapped as relation - Relation: 10258969 | OpenStreetMap (IKEA parking lot)

Parking area for employees only - Way: 426855973 | OpenStreetMap (it’s not mapped as a parking area at the moment, but I wanted to add an example to indicate loading areas don’t need to be included in the parking area)

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