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Feriendorf am Eisenberg: Tagging of inofficial house numbers/ names with `addr:*`-tags: Correct or wrong use of `addr:*`-tags?

I have a question regarding the address tags at the “→ Feriendorf am Eisenberg ‘Günter Richta’” in Hessen, Germany:

In the real world, this is some kind of recreational facility with overnight stay. The area consists of (roughly)

  • different, separate areas (“Höfe” in German) where groups stay, sleep and eat that each consist of different houses, and
  • general facilities.

The “Höfe” have names each (“Goldbornhof”, “Lischerthof”, “Fichtenhof” and so on), and on each “Hof” the houses are numbered (1-5 in most cases).

In the map, this is currently represented by an use of the address tagging scheme which to me looks like abuse of address tagging – because address tagging should be for official, postal addresses.

Currently it is tagged as follows (as an example, I use → house 2 at “Fichtenhof”):

  • The country is tagged as Germany (addr:country=DE), which is correct,
  • the city is tagged as “Kirchheim” (addr:city=Kirchheim), which is correct,
  • the postcode is tagged as “36275” (addr:postcode=36275), which is correct,
  • the suburb is tagged as “Feriendorf am Eisenberg” (addr:suburb=Feriendorf am Eisenberg), which I question,
  • the street name is tagged as “Fichtenhof” (addr:street=Fichtenhof), which I question,
  • the house number is tagged as “2” (addr:housenumber=2), which I question.

The street on which this is is called “Eisenbergstraße”.

The official address of the “Feriendorf am Eisenberg ‘Günter Richta’” is, according to this:

Landeshauptstadt Hannover
Jugend Ferien-Service
Feriendorf Eisenberg 1
36275 Kirchheim

– which makes it arguable that “Feriendorf Eisenberg” can be a suburb (there is also the Hamlet “Feriendorf am Eisenberg” tagged as a point feature there) or a street name. But the house number of the whole place seems to be “1”.

In case that the individual parts really have official addresses (which I doubt), then I think it should be something like

Landeshauptstadt Hannover
Jugend Ferien-Service
Fichtenhof, Haus 2
Feriendorf Eisenberg 1
36275 Kirchheim

The service “PLZServer” by Deutsche Post does know “Feriendorf Eisenberg” as street of the city “Kirchheim Hess”, but it does not know “Fichtenhof” as street name, so I doubt that addr:street=Fichtenhof is correct.

On what rationale it is that official postal-address tags are used here to tag the individual “Höfe” and houses? Should some other tags be used – like name=Fichtenhof or something more applicable, non-addr:* on the outline of some built area or so, and "ref= or so for the number of the houses?

I mention @Nakaner, because it seems that that user introduced the addressing scheme.


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