Fixing incomplete name tagging

Some of the recent discussions about names on here got me thinking.

So I’ve created a MapRoulette challenge to fix some multilingual names. This is then quite quick to go though using keyboard shortcuts (‘f’ for yes, shift+enter to confirm changeset).

As suggested on the wiki, if an object has names in another language then the main name should also be tagged with a name:** subtag.

So I found objects with name and at least one name:** tagged where name does not match any of the other tags. This challenge is then for objects without name:en and the tag fix suggestion is copying name to name:en, if the name is in English. (It feels tricky to explain, but if you try a task you might see what I mean better).

If anyone wants me to make one for your area/country then I should be able to do that. I should also be able to adapt to something checking places which have two names in name (with a consistent separator), e.g. “name:fr - name:nl” and then find where name:fr or name:nl is not matching/missing.

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