Flagging messages multiple times

About a week ago one of my messages was supposedly flagged by “the community” as off-topic to the purpose of the discussion. It was subsequently determined not to be by an administrator, or at least I assume it was since I tried to flag it myself and it wouldn’t let me. I don’t remember the exact message I received when I tried it, but it was something along the lines of “This message has been determined to be on topic” or something like that.

So fast forward 5 days and I received an automated notice that the message was hidden because it was flagged as off-topic. This seems like a bug to me. People shouldn’t be able to continue reporting a message as off-topic if it’s already been reviewed and determined not to be. Especially if doing so leads to the message being hidden and it’s writer receiving spam messages about it. I shouldn’t be continuing to receive messages about non-issues in a conversation that was already reviewed by multiple administrators, subsequently dealt with, and that I’ve had nothing to do with in almost a week. Hopefully it’s a problem that can be fixed on automated systems side or something.

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