Font setup on OSMF mediawiki instance

Is there anything special with the way fonts are set up on the OSMF website?

Every time I visit the site I am affected by something which looks like font aliasing artefacts.

I have never such issues on other websites and I actually do visit many. Happens on a Windows 10 machine, on both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

See a screenshot to explain it, especially visible on the letters: C, D, S, e, o


I see that font size is specified in em, which resulted for me in a font size of 18.88px. Setting it manually to 18px results in a clear font, 19px do render broken like in the shown screenshot.

Using other fonts like Arial or Vardana render fine.

Could it be an issue with the specific font used? identified the font as “Palanquin”.
Using other font, like noto-sans does also have no aliasing problems on different font sizes.

Is there any specific requirement for using such an unusual webfont? Why not simply using noto? That might bring the benefit of 30% improved readability as well. See

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