For comments and discussion: Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee

Hello community!

I am posting this thread to gather ideas and feedback about the Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee, it’s mandate and potential activities.

I recognize that it has been years since the last meeting of this committee and that priorities may have changed. In prep for the board’s strategic discussions for this year, I would like to know your thoughts:

  1. Do you think the original plan/scope for DISC is still relevant, needs updating or may need a new mandate? Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee - OpenStreetMap Foundation

  2. Do you have any suggestions for what activities/topics DISC may take up this year?

  • Also acknowledging that some D&I efforts have been done / currently been doing in other areas/WGs in OSMF e.g. moderation (LCCWG), Local Chapters and membership efforts, amplifying communities by Comms WG, SotM etc

That is all my questions for now.

Thread will be open until 26 March and will be considered for next steps / possible discussion and vote during OSMF board meet in March or April.

Hope to heard back from you :slight_smile:

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