🚧 Forum migration test instance (forum/fluxBB > community/Discourse)

In order to check that a migration of the forum content is possible, I’ve done a full import of the current fluxBB based OSM forum to a Discourse test instance during the week-end (21 hours for the whole process).

The result can be seen on http://freebox.computel.fr:4200/

Capture d’écran du 2022-04-04 13-09-09

In addition to the script based migration, I’ve done a few things:

  • reorganized the categories to match more or less the ones in the current forum to minimize the changes,
  • recreated sticky posts in topics,
  • fixed some problems with quotes which should now appear properly.

Have a look at it and do not hesitate to report strange things.

Of course, the last posts are not there because the database dump has been done by @TomH a few days ago and it is note connected “live” to the actual forum.

Login is not functional at this stage.

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