Forum moderator re-evaluation for 2024

Hello fellow mappers,

I received input that we might want to re-evaluate the moderator roles of the forum.

I am calling the existing moderators to re-evaluate whether they want to continue the task or whether they would like to retire.
Similar: Is there someone from the community wanting to get more active in this direction?

As a forum moderator your task is to keep the forum clean. Remove spam and in case of people forgetting good manners in a discussion step in. I am certain the full list of tasks was listed somewhere, I just don’t have a link at hand right now.

Maybe worth noting that a forum moderator is NOT some role of representative of the community towards third parties. There can be an overlap in persons, as frequently the more active members of a community also take the role of forum moderator.

Time effort is quite low. Thailand section of the forum is a friendly place and not that many posts are written per week.

If there is enough interest by the community, we could aim at running an election process for the moderators in maybe March timeframe. This should leave community members enough time to think whether this role might be something for them.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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