Forum threading for mailing lists is broken

The forum does break threading since the references do become replaced by other message IDs.

It’s caused by messages which are sent to the forum via direct -mail replies.

The main concept is ok - it used e.g.

format: thread msg-id in-reply-id
1 topic/851.
1.1 topic/851/2747. topic/851
1.1.1 ee76eed4-a255-6d1c-0f5b-59da9772f230@gmx. de topic/851/2747. topic/851/2749. ee76eed4-a255-6d1c-0f5b-59da9772f230@gmx. de topic/851/2749.

However, when I do reply in msg-id ee76eed4-a255-6d1c-0f5b-59da9772f230@gmx. de to the previous topic, I reference

References:… bae9c8af72f1f7ef599f1bcd@community. openstreetmap. org>

But my own message is sent back to me with
References: …
ae42d62b1252f1572b2a9a07@community. openstreetmap. org>

Do you notice the difference within the message id?

The forum’s system does break message ids within references.

This results in broken threads with
1.2 topic/851/2748. topic/851/2747.
1.3 topic/851/2751. topic/851/2749.

where 1.2 is the forum version of 1.1.1 (new message-id topic/851/2748.e6be773dbcc599ad5f35bae5)
and 1.3 is the forum version of

…and I have to break the message IDs again manually because message IDs become interpreted as links to E-Mail addresses with a mailto:, which also is wrong.

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