Forums governance team meeting - 2022-05-05

The third @forums-governance team meeting has taken place on 2022-05-04T22:00:00Z UTC.

Attendees: @Firefishy @nukeador @Tordanik @pnorman (~30 minutes into the meeting)

Topics discussed

  • Administrative matters
    • Regular meeting schedule
    • Minuting and Dorothea’s involvement
  • Forum migration progress
  • Moderator selection/polls
  • Help and support transition status
  • Transitioning other platforms
  • Downvoting on posts

Decisions and Results

Regular meeting schedule

Going forward, meetings of the moderation team will happen on a regular schedule every second week. Current plan is Thursday at 15:00 UTC, but this needs to be confirmed with the rest of the regular attendees.

Minuting and Dorothea’s involvement

In the past, minutes were composed by @Doro8ea. Future minutes will be taken by meeting participants. We will only ask for support if we really need it.

Forum migration progress

@cquest is still testing, closing aligning the compatibility between versions. End of May is still our desired date, but will depend on how far the current testing has gone.

Help and support transition status

The question-answer-plugin will be installed as soon as possible.

For migration, @Firefishy will look into the two options:

  1. Migrate content and redirect.
  2. Create an archive.


Full collaborative minutes (click for more details)

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