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Forums governance team meeting - 2022-06-16

Another @forums-governance team meeting took place on 2022-06-15T22:00:00Z UTC.

Attendees: @Firefishy @nukeador @Tordanik

Topics discussed

  • Unblocking migration of
  • Plans on transition
    • Content migration or archive
    • Acknowledgement for users’ reputation
    • Tags
    • Plugin installation
  • Public communication and forum visibility
  • Quick status checks on open requests in the site-feedback category

Decisions and results

Unblocking migration of

  • @Firefishy to talk to @cquest and evaluate the best way of supporting the work as well as the complexity of the work to be done
  • Next week we’ll publish the status and an updated plan.
  • @Firefishy discovered that some themes on the old forum did not show the banner.

Plans on transition

  • Questions-answers plugin was deprecated in favour of a new official one (Discourse Question Answer - plugin - Discourse Meta). We’ll wait until this new one is ready for deployment.
  • By 2022-07-14T00:00:00Z UTC we’ll take an informed decision on migration option based on research from @Firefishy
  • This will not be the focus until migration of is complete.

Public communication plans

  • Keep encouraging new community categories to update their community index info with the new forum. Should preferably be ranked above comparable platforms.
  • The forums should be linked directly from the website at some point, but we need to figure out the specifics. (Where to position links? Do we need to open a discussion about how the /help /about pages are going to be updated? Who should handle this?)

Quick status checks on smaller open requests

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