Forums governance team meeting - 2022-06-30

Another @forums-governance team meeting took place on 2022-06-29T22:00:00Z UTC.

Attendees: @Firefishy @nukeador @Tordanik

Topics discussed

  • Migration of
  • Statistics to track platform activity
  • Moderation selection criteria
  • Quick status checks on open requests in the site-feedback category

Decisions and results

Migration of

The testing of the migration is still on the backlog, it has been delayed due to fixing infrastructure in Amsterdam. The migration is a growing priority and we hope to have a timeline defined defined over the next few weeks.

Statistics to track platform activity

We checked some numbers on the overall traffic and activity of the site. Steady growth, specially since local communities started their own categories.

Moderation selection criteria

  • The majority of the options leaning towards no self-nominations. Candidates who are put forward should confirm they are happy being put forward as a moderator candidate.
  • We need to evaluate how to identify which users should have more influence in decision making, such as approving or renewing moderators. We can potentially use discourse trust levels (3) as a proxy for this.
  • Tobias and Ruben to keep iterating the proposal.

Quick status checks on open requests in the site-feedback category

  • We will be testing the thumbs_up reaction as a replacement for the heart. We faced some issues with a visual bug with the icon.

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