Found some strange keys during editing | 在编辑过程中发现了一些奇怪的键

Why found

When I used taginfo to view various common payments, I was very curious about what it would look like from the list back to the front, so I found that a lot of key that contain non-ASCII characters existed in the payment: namespace, which seemed to need to be modified, and scattered around the world, I have no knowledge of the whole world, so would appreciate some advice (preferably a direct correction) from a community with knowledge of the language and region in question


BTW, similar checklists may be updated from time to time



Taginfo screenshot

You must have seen it at first sight


Including not only the picture above, but also more appearing in other pages

Today is the first time, so I checked it manually. After that, if I want to do data quality checks regularly, like running nsi-collector regularly, I will also write it as a script. Hope it can be like matkoniecz/OSM-wikipedia-tag-validator-reports

I’ve reordered the list below so they are now grouped by language - this helps the culturally appropriate community focus on issues。

Note that this classification is not exact and is based on my first impressions




Other Asian Language’s

Use Cyrillic

Use arabic alphabet

Use latin alphabet

In addition, although there are some tags that appear to conform to ASCII but are still strange enough to be listed together, hopefully they will be fixed:

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