Future improvements in Discourse UI - Sidebar for your content

I know some people have been asking for a better way to only see the content that is relevant for them in these forums, since the list of all categories is not that useful.

I’m excited to see that Discourse is testing a new sidebar (and notifications) panel to provide more granular information and content to users, so you can get a quick glimpse of the categories, tags and content you follow and not be distracted by the rest of the forum.

This is a screenshot of my sidebar on meta.discourse.org

If you are interested in how to improve how content is displayed in these forums, I would recommend to engage upstream on the Discourse Meta forums because sooner or later this would be something that will be available to OSM Forums :slight_smile:

(This doesn’t mean OSM Forums will enable this feature by default when ready, a discussion will need to happen first, but always good to play with it elsewhere in advance)

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