Garmin custom maps not always visible


I’m trying to create my own Garmin maps based on the OpenTopomap style since the normal official OpenTopomaps lack address searching.

The creation process works flawlessly now and the maps are working great so far.
Now I tried to generate several other maps to have them on my GPS device (GPSMap 66s if it matters).
But when I generate maps for Germany and Belgium, only Germany is visible in the map selection screen of the Garmin device. Belgium alone works, the map is recognized and displayed. If I copy a map of France to the device, Belgium disappears again. France and Germany together are working on the other side.

This is the scrip I am currently using: (click for more details)

Does anyone have a hint what might be wrong here? FamilyID is different between maps, so is MapID.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: Saw the thread over there: Self created maps are not always visible on Garmin Device (Dakota 20)
But unfortunately it wasn’t really helpful.

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