Gas Bottle vending machines - competing tags

There are vending machines that sell gas bottles for camping use and similar, or allow customers to exchange empty gas bottles for full ones. Someone has already written a wiki article about them with a picture at Tag:vending=gas_bottles - OpenStreetMap Wiki

However, I noticed that quite a lot of these POIs have already been tagged with vending=gas. In fact, there are 10 times more objects with vending=gas rather than vending=gas_bottles, even though vending=gas does not have a wiki page.

By the way, neither of those tags exist as a preset in either ID or GoMap editors, they have to be manually added in the tag editor.

What would be the best way to try to fix the situation here?

  • Leave it as it is, and hope that people in the future use gas_bottles more than gas?
  • Change the Wiki to promote gas instead of gas_bottles to adjust to the more popular tag?

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