Gaza Update from HOT

Hi all. Beginning in November of 2023, HOT received a number of requests to support an update of OSM’s building footprints in Gaza. The requests came from INGO, UN, and humanitarian GIS and data analysts.

Background: HOT’s default is to not support mapping in areas of conflict. However, we will reconsider our default stance if there is a direct request to do so from trusted humanitarian partners with accurate, reliable, up to date information, AND we feel comfortable with our assessment of ethically mapping in the area.

Gaza current crisis: For the last couple of months we have carefully considered our data principles of open, useful, inclusive, and ethical data. In light of the real need to better understand the humanitarian situation in Gaza by providing a comprehensive pre-conflict building footprints dataset, HOT will be working directly with close partners and HOT validators to coordinate a closed update through HOT’s Tasking Manager to update pre-conflict building footprints in Gaza. The data will allow for more accurate assessments of the status of critical infrastructure in the area.

Feel free to contact with any questions.

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