Generalized tagging for fermented liquor producers (other than beer & wine)

(Please note that I mean ‘liquor’ here is any alcoholic drink, not restricted to distilled one. Also, I will focus on craft=* tagging, although we can talk similarly on industrial-scale liquor production)

We have craft=brewery for beer, craft=winery for wine, and craft=distillery for distilled liquors including whisky, gin, rum, etc. But how about other fermented liquors?

I have found a thread for cider, but they made no consensus (craft=cider, cidery, cider_brewer, & cider_maker, with one suggestion of product=cider on breweries).
Also I have found a wiki article for UK mapping, proposing craft=* for several kinds of fermented liquors (craft=cider for cider, craft=perry for perry, etc.).

So how about toddy, pulque, kvas, chicha, and (yes, my interest is) sake?
We indeed have the freedom of tagging craft=sake for sake producers (OSM has 24 such POIs, although statistics say >1000 sake producers in Japan); however, we cannot expect data users to cover such a wide variety of craft=* tags for liquor producers.
Drinking local craft liquor is one of the popular tourist attractions so I believe OSM data users have a demand for treating liquor producers in predictable ways.
Clearly, we need a generalized tagging scheme for fermented liquor producers (like craft=distillery + product=* for distilled liquors).

One possible option is to make craft=brewery generalized. Although ‘brewery’ in everyday English means a beer-producing establishment, we can ‘brew’ a wide variety of drinks including tea and coffee. In fact, OSM already have >9000 craft=brewery with >1000 product=beer, dozens of product=cider, 4 product=mead, 3 product=kombucha, and 2 product=sake.

Another option is to introduce new craft=* tagging for generalized liquor producers. The problem for me is the choice of words.

Do you have any idea?

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