Geneste opdracht (alle gebouwen in een straat)


I am trying to retrieve the geometry of all houses in certain streets, the query below gives the data I am looking for, however just not in the way I would like.

The current query also shows houses that are not located on these streets, this is caused by the fact that I am also applying an ‘environment scan’ of 60 metres for the buildings. How do I get only the buildings that are also linked to the roads found with the first part of the query?


  way(around:5, 52.1548187909734, 6.420503512149891)["highway"]["highway"!="footway"];
  node(around:5, 52.1548187909734, 6.420503512149891)["highway"];
  way(around:60, 52.1548187909734, 6.420503512149891)["building"];
  node(around:60, 52.1548187909734, 6.420503512149891)["building"];
out body;
out skel qt;

This example yields two streets within 5 metres of the given coordinate (Schimmelpennicklaan and Thorbeckelaan), so I would like the geometry of all houses on these two streets. In the attached image, you can see what is missing/excess.

Anyone any idea how to set up this query? Thanks in advance.



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