Global Ban Policy

Hi all,

this is about the Global Ban Policy that might have come out of the blue for some users.
I would like to encourage everyone to comment on that here.
No user acting in good faith should worry about bans and blocks,
and if anything in the policy sparks concerns then we shall seek to adjust the policy.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation recently decided to ban a repeatedly trolling user.
The global ban itself had been totally proportionate,
as the user in question has been moving from venue to venue (from edit wars and the Wiki to various channels on this forum to even GitHub) to act cantankerously and perform personal attacks.

The board then confirmed the global ban suggested joinly by the moderation team and the Data Working Group. Most people are not faimilar with the details and do not need to. For them it had been totally unclear how low or high the bar for this ban has been.

For that reason I suggested to have a policy instead, and I’m grateful for Allan to suggesting one that

  • makes it obvious to all users acting in good faith that they are never affected by that
  • minimizes the amount of attention we need to give to actual trolls

I will bring up points that have been raised here during the board meeting on Thursday.


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