Google Business Websites (, are turned off

Google offered free business listing websites as part of their Maps offering. These were domains ending in or

The service has been turned off on 2024-03-05. See

For now these URLs redirect to the Google Maps business profile. On 2024-06-10 they are announced to be shut down completely and to return a 404 Not Found.

As of today, we have about 16,000 objects with a website or contact:website tag containing or

Maybe you would like to check the POIs in your area and check if they have a proper, alternative website, or a social profile one could link to instead (using contact:facebook, contact:instagram and so on). Here’s an Overpass query which you can run for your map area:

After 2024-06-10 we could start a MapRoulette challenge to replace or remove these URLs. Here’s the Overpass query listing all affected objects worldwide:

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