Google sued over collapsed bridge death


The Openstreetmap website still shows the bridge intact at lower zoom levels,
map (2)

One might say well people should zoom in always to make sure bridges are really there.
But one might be operating offline with just the zoom level available already on the data one is traveling with.
Or one might not be in the habit of zooming in to be sure about everything.
Yes, routing programs would detect the problem, but not people’s eyes.

Looking at Google Maps, Google has now taken the extraordinary step of ripping the entire road off their map, including blue StreetView traces. (But one nonetheless can click on supposedly empty areas, revealing two different years of StreetView.)

The extraordinary move was perhaps to prevent the same phenomenon happing in their renderer.

Anyway, how to solve OpenStreetMap’s Website from showing the bridge still intact at lower zoom levels?

  1. Rip out the road entirely (editing for the renderer… making the gap wider), or
  2. Fix the rendering, yes, even though carto doesn’t totally represent OSM, but that’s what’s on the Website. Or,
  3. Click on some other layer, than the Default. Alas, all the other six working out of six layers had the same problem. And Default is what the general public will be seeing by default…

Never mind human life. What about getting sued one day when something bad happens that could be prevented? Certainly Google has more No Warranty statements than OSM, and they still got sued anyway.

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