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I was wondering if there was an issue with the upload of GPS traces on the website, using the “GPS traces” > “Upload a trace” button. I have been uploading my traces for a few years (so I can update the map) and it usually took just a couple of minutes.

Since a few days ago (I first noticed when I uploaded on Wednesday October 11th), it takes a very long time: ~30 min. I am currently uploading a trace and it has been more than 40 min already.

Looking at the “All Traces” tab, there is a very large number of pending uploads (almost all of them) of the types:
Routes from sunnypilot (TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID 2022).
Routes from dragonpilot (HONDA CR-V 2017).

It was already the case when I first noticed the issue. But not sure if it is related.

Am I the only one with this upload issue?

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