Gulf of Mexico object / Rendering of Large Seas

I’ve been debugging the reason why the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t appear as a label in my map (OSM Americana, backed by the OpenMapTiles schema). The object is here:

What I discovered is that the rendering code draws labels for:

  • Area features tagged natural=water
  • Point (node) features tagged place=sea, place=ocean, etc

However, this case is an area drawn crudely in the middle of the Gulf, well offshore, and containing a few islands such as Dry Tortugas, and tagged place=sea but no water tagging.

Unless there are serious objections, I’m planning to replace it with a single place=sea point node, preserving the current tag set, in the middle of the Gulf. Adding natural=water would be obviously wrong (water on top of a random patch of ocean and covering some islands). Creating a tight coastline multipolygon relation, such as is done for Hudson Bay and James Bay is at best controversial and definitely unwieldy.

Another valid possibility is to support place=sea area features like this one in the renderer, so if people feel that the way Gulf of Mexico is mapped is an acceptable way to map a large sea, I would submit a PR to OpenMapTiles to add that support. However, I’m inclined to classify this class of object as a tagging error.

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