'Hail and Ride' bus stop tagging

(nearly TL;DR) This is about Hail_and_Ride, not Kiss & Ride as Discourse deems ‘looks like’. We have countless bus stops each serving multiple routes which have a big sticker on the board ‘Fermata a Richiesta’. You go stand at such a bus stop and if you see a bus approaching of a route you wish to board you stretch your arm out, stick up the hand and the bus will stop for you. (It does work in places in the country side where you just loiter along a road without a bus stop pole of extraurbano in sight, not guaranteed though).

The wiki solution on hail_and_ride is not very appealing as it says to assign a role to the stretch of road as member of the bus route relation… not going to cut up long roads for the purpose as the locations where FaR are is sign posted anywhere including the outback. Have tried to insert Hail_and_ride as role in bus routes before but several QA and I think JOSM validator (or is it the PT plugin) are not happy about this, though approved a few summers ago (2018)


Of note is, many bus stops with the label have been mapped where I’ve added the H&R sticker text as a description:it to make them searchable (per TI nearing 200), but not the routes they’re being served by as they mostly have not been mapped.

Long/Short The question is simple: Is there a tag which TagInfo would not reveal to me, to signify bus stops/legacy public_transport=platform objects with a H&R tag/role or for that matter the stop as member of a bus route relation?


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