Harmonizing barrier=bollard default access

In this topic it was noticed the default access rights for the different language versions of Tag:barrier=bollard are not in line with each other.

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I am thinking of creating a new Wiki template and use it for all language that has “implies” already filled in so that it will be and stay consistent over all languages.


mofa/moped=yes is a more recent addition triggered by this topic but for me at least also logical, a moped/mofa is the same width as a bicycle, what is disputable are motorcyle and horse altough “horse=yes” has been recently added on the German page.

horse/motorcycle in combination with barrier=bollard are ~65% mapped as yes.

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Looking at this list maybe also speed_pedelec=yes?

Things that also have been discussed in this context:

  • Even better to map maxwidth:physical, that can be also measured using good aerial photographs
  • “area=no” is currently on the FR, RU, PL, ES wiki’s. I did discuss “area=no” with the person who added this and want to remove it as this is already covered by:
  • 36.2% of the bollards are not part of a highway=* so access rights make no/almost no sense.
  • 32,9% of the bollards is mapped on highway=foot/pedestrian/cycleway and these access rights are more strict or matching these of barrier=bollard
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Now the questions:

Is it good idea to harmonize “implies” for barrier=bollard

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